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Item #: TER-AC50-1
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Terex Cranes is part of a global company and Terex« all terrain cranes are built to work around the globe. From dirt roads and rough terrain to wintry routes to paved roads; Terex« all terrain cranes offer axle and footprint options for compliance and successful operation worldwide. When you add in the lifting power; efficient engine design; dependability and more; youÆll see that Terex« all terrain cranes deliver outstanding service at an outstanding value no matter where the job takes you.

GO WITH CONFIDENCE From desert heat to frigid cold; Terex« all terrain cranes are designed to get the job done as quickly ù and safely ùas possible in the most demanding conditions. Rated to work in environments from -25¦C to 40¦C Additional extreme hot and cold weather packages available Built for excellent mobility and transportation ease Reliable heat and air conditioning for operator comfort in nearly all climate conditions

SA FETY CO MES STAN DARD The safety features built into Terex« all terrain cranes provide peace of mind for everyone at the jobsite. Safety begins with a great view; and a distinction of Terex Cranes is best-in-class visibility. In addition; the working range limiter protects crane operators against collisions during critical operations.

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